Sunday, March 27, 2005

i know you'll miss me.

ok. its time for a blog break. not by choice, but we move this week, and our internet won't be hooked up until april 13th. until then, you can hope i get to the library or have some spare time at work to let you know all about our new place. i hope its fun and exciting. im scared--i hate all this starting over crap. its been done too many times...oh well. hopefully catlin will be our home for more than a year (please please please!). Anyway-upon my return-JOEL, ERIKA and the rest of you who don't take time to post better do it so i have something to read :)

Hope everyone had a fantastic easter. i missed my family today--but hopefully wasfest (the benefit in honor of my uncle jon for kyles education) will make up for it. Just so everyone knows---its gonna be in Bourbonnais--and its April 10th--5 bucks and you get food and get to hear some cool music. if you're or try and email, comment whatever. its time to unhook the computer.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

black saturday.

Sigh. It's gross out today. Fitting, since the world should be in mourning. No one realizes the hope of tomorrow today.

I think this is the first time scott and i have actually had time and packed everything up. I remember moving with like 2 days notice...and it sucked. This really isn't any better. If we have all this stuff we can live without for days, weeks or months--why even bother. :)
I didn't pack yesterday, but if i get my closet cleaned and packed (its the only thing in the bedroom that still needs done) then we can go out to dinner (thats right folks..we're packin our pans) and maybe see a movie. **and maybe buy paint!!**

well, i guess i can find something to thread or something. man, work is crazy boring. I miss all my kids who get to work at nite. The mornings are toooooo slow.

Friday, March 25, 2005

The hard weekend ahead.

Well, its finally time to finish packin and say goodbye to kokomo. If you've been faithfully following along, you are probably overjoyed at our escape. However, we don't really wanna go. Sure, we're super excited about what happens next, but we have friends now and we like our jobs. Scott is really having a hard time-in a few hours he will be saying goodbye to his consumers and co-workers. I on the other hand, get to spend all weekend with mine, and have a few of them helping us move. Its just that I'm so tired of starting over. I know rachel and joel will only be 40 minutes away--but thats still 40 minutes--and realistically-we won't travel it as often as we think. I do hope that they start going to our church (they have to like it and stuff)--that way we will see each other at least that much. I hope that there are some nice people that invite us to dinner, and that we can be friends with soon--I don't want it to be like here where we lived for like 6 months before we really met anyone.

In other news, we did the most terrible thing to our poor sneakers. We had her front claws removed, and she's so sad and sore and mopey. I hope she feels better soon. She had a really really rough day, and i think that the moving will be hard on her--she doesn't need any more stress. This is the obvious reason we aren't ready for children. If I cry over my poor cats pain--can you even imagine?? oh man.

Other random news no one cares about--I should officially be running the danville theatre because they showed up on yet another list of theatres that didn't do everything they were supposed to this week. Go figure. How hard is it to send back your tech ads really? or send your trailer report? geez. i just want to get the report one week where they don't appear. Anyway. I guess i can teach em.

Hey everybody--have a great weekend. Smile, and be thankful you don't have to move next week.

Monday, March 21, 2005

i have a black eye.

so, my cute wonderful adoring husband accidently LAUNCHED a candybar into my eye last night, causing the top of my cheekbone to bruise and hurt. i love him...but he's gotta stop hittin me in the eye.

So, we're really stressed about money. it turns out there's lots of things we have to pay for we didn't know about--like a deposit for our WATER. It's water-shouldn't it be free?? and other such stuff. its cute, because scott is really stressed out--and he never really understands when i get stressed out over the money, but now he does--which, while its nice to understand how i sucks because now we're both stressed.

work was supposed to be busy this weekend, it wasn't. that sucks. next weekend is my last weekend here in kokomo. sigh. im gonna miss those kids.

Last week the danville trip was super fun. this week, im going to see gina in plymouth (YAY!) and then scott and i are going to danville yet again..this time for bank accounts, etc.

Ok. thats about as boring as i can be right now.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Hey all--Melanie's in the hospital. she got her appendix ripped out (it was probably trying to escape the stress). Anyway, she was already stressed out so words of encouragement and get-wellness would surely bring a little cheer to her--SO DO IT. She'd do it for you.

In other, not so important news. I finally saw The Ring. It ain't so scary. :) Of course, we had a house full of people so that helped im sure. I still say IT is one of the scariest movies ever. We also watched Amityville Horror (the original-because they are remaking it) while chomping down on some good rice-krispie-esque treats and some yummy cookies that scott made.

Scott is still having really bad headaches--hes ok in the morning, but after he's been up awhile, they come back and they're pretty bad. like he goes to bed bad. so while you're praying for melanie to get well soon-pray for scottie too. it worries me. a lot.

Tomorrow Jen and I are going to Danville to start setting up the new apartment and then visiting the theatre...hooray! Joel and rachel are coming to help as well...then the grandmas and maybe mom will come by around dinner...we'll see. :) i'm excited. i'd be more excited if i didn't have to drive.

Sunday, March 13, 2005


so yeah. I am putting off dishes and bill paying (oh the joys of being a grown up) and thought, Hey I haven't posted in awhile. I better do that first. So here I am, not doing things that need done. The truth is there isn't too much excitement in my life. Scott is still sicky. We had some don pancho goodness for dinner. yum yum yum. I did go grocery shopping--we were almost out of toilet paper. this happens to us a lot. apparently we don't know when we're low--just when we're out. I also got milk, bread, cereal, cheese, burrittos, and eggs. Oh-and shower hooks, and a new liner for the new place. i think im gonna take that stuff when i go wednesday and start getting the bathroom set up. i am also taking some toilet paper, since otherwise you have to drive all the way to danville to find a bathroom in the middle of the night.

Wednesday I go to danville to meet the theatre guy and the area manager. it should be alright. im hoping to get up and go early so that i can go to the regional office of education and the danville and catlin school that i can start subbing right away after we move. I don't have to be at the theatre until that should give me plenty of time. also, i think my grandma (s) and maybe mom may come down and see the apartment. hopefully that means free lunch or dinner for me. maybe then i will stop over at rachel and joels for a good time. Who knows. I may even see if Jen wants to go, but since im gonna be running errands, maybe not.

I know. this is the most boring post you have EVER read. well. thats my life. Don't worry. I expect it will get more adventurous any time now.

Im gonna go play neopets. i mean, pay the bills.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

(not so) scary times


So tuesday, i went with some friends to an old mill and creepy bridge. In the dark...hunting ghosts. thats right. me. the girl who is afraid of everything. well...the good thing is that this place is like a park/recreation place in the warm there were lights and not too scary--although i still think someone was behind us one time. I told a few people about this adventure and they mostly laughed at me for acting like a 14 year old--but it was fun and not i didnt care.

So, wednesday night, im sitting on the couch, trying to decide whether or not to research some masters programs when johnson calls again to invite me to this real haunted house. Now--there are signs on the door of this place that informs trespasser types like us that there are videocameras throughout the house videotaping the paranormal activity. I laughed the first few times they i figured--we're leaving kokomo soon, and these people are pretty fantastic again we set out in search of ghosts and adventure. the house is--admittedly creepy--like actually living (and believing) the blair witch creepy-so we get out of the some wolves or coyotes or dogs in the distance start going nuts, get scared and get back in the car. As it turns out--theres this crazy little cemetary behind the house. I stayed in the car on that one. NO WAY am I going to a cemetary in the dark! Next, we decide to go on a treasure hunt of sorts thanks to cory--and so we borrow a GPS and go get some more flashlights and batteries. Oh, and things to replace the treasures we were going to find (and to spend Johnsons money). Then we hunt for the treasure. I finally saw Big Ben and the sycamore stump. No luck on treasures though. Then we use the GPS to locate this other treasure out of town--turns out--its at a cemetary..but im not so scared this time as its a big one and we're on a mission. Katie had to get home, and it was really cold, so we didn't find that treasure either..but overall--we had a fantastic really gonna miss this crew and am sad that i didn't meet them sooner during our time here in Kokomo--it figures we'd make friends as soon as we knew we were moving.

Scottie has a cold...poor kid. he still made me some chicken for dinner (only chicken, because we're too lazy to go buy any other groceries). Hope everyones having a good week!!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

snowflakes of grace.

Well, we went to ohio to see the was a great time. we had fun, ate too much and probably talked too little...but those things happen with boys. My husband was terrific, helping me get through my sadness tuesday evening. he always makes me smile.

So every week, we see rachel and joel. its easy to say--they're our best friends. we're moving closer to them and hopefully we'll all be staying there for a long time. But heres the crazy thing. We go all the way to Ohio (thats 3 1/2 hours in the car to even get there) spend all day together with the gang, and then, when everyone else goes to sleep..we go sit in the hall and talk all night. (maybe not all nite--but until like 4-we're gettin old). So its this amazing time, a time that i think can only happen in hallways. Isn't it funny that those conversations don't happen all the time? I'm so glad it happened. After my evening, it was totally what i needed, and i hope what she needed next time you really want to know your best friend...go to a hotel. borrow the hallway, its worth it.

I'm also reading this book called Dangerous Wonder by Mike Yaconelli. It's an amazing book and its teaching me so much about Grace. Lately, i guess God has really just been hugging me the way only God can. It seems like there are so many struggles, and joys and well..i spent a lot of time monday, tuesday and wednesday in tears over how much God loves me. Its just crazy love that we can't control and have to surrender the book, there is a discussion guide, and it asks at one point, to make out of clay, using your emotions a picture of grace. I think its a snowflake. For all of you who were in ohio, think of the walkway outside books a million, or when we left outback. i think that beauty, that wonder, that sensation...its very much what grace must be like.

I've got a lot more, but my break is over, so i need to get back downstairs.