Thursday, July 15, 2010


Does anyone ever visit blogs anymore? I started this blog when forever ago, in July of 2004 to keep my family up to date on what was happening in my life because we were living in indiana. What a crazy journey the past six years have been, and who knows better than my poor neglected blog? Lets run through the highlights since my last update in September.

October-for the first time since we started coaching, kankakee first placed at quizfest. thats good. Ruby was a pirate for halloween! took over family first intact program at work.

November-took a team to Olathe kansas to a quiz tournament. BEST TRIP of the year! we went to st louis to celebrate rubys first christmas with scotts family. took jr highers to michigan quiz--jaylene placed 4th. Met Brittanys family. This would turn out to be important.

December-more christmas, with my family. st louis quiz, split district quiz for the first time as directors--fight with jeremy. resolved.

January-new intern brittany starts at Catholic Charities. super fun girl. Intact caseload doubles.

February-ruby turned one--we went to exploration station. I turned 31. Yep. Sterling quiz. good times all around! celebrate life. Intern brittany's father dies unexpectedly. Glad i had the honor of meeting him, and thankful that I can help Brittany through a rough final semester in college.

March-Indy quiz--super fun, stayed with Jenn Ricketts in fortville. went to maryland for girl weekend, rachels 30th birthday celebration, and so on. Good times.

April-finals. 2 teams of awesome kids going on to celebrate life. 22 students signed up to go to Q2010 in Ohio. Brittany finishes her internship, and i am sad.

May-Regionals--super fun. I dont know a lot else that happened in may. Oh, danielle and lena both came home for the summer. danielle agrees to nanny at Q, sure to be a good time.

June-took gram down to see aunt judy. took jaylene, jt, ruby and scott along. baseball, science center, spaghetti factory, fun on the farm. 7 intact cases. Q2010! good trip. First time CCD has placed at a Q event since we've directed. Good job girls.

July-fireworks at Q. drama regarding EC Camp. Learning daily that God is bigger and we need to trust that He can work things out.

TODAY, July 15th now, 2010. my 6 year old blog has kept me up past my bedtime. If anyone reads this, i promise to try and post more than every nine months, I obviously have a lot more to say about several of the things that happened, and i left some things out, but its my own fault for not posting more.