Sunday, February 26, 2006

happy birthday, and so on.

Thursday my office pals decided that the best was to celebrate my birthday was to saranwrap the front of my cubicle and then fill the entire thing with balloons and confetti. I will be finding confetti years from now. In fact, if i ever get another job-the person who sits at my desk after me will probably find confetti. But it made me smile and it was cool to be celebrated. they also took me to red lobster for lunch. Then I went to kankakee for more celebrating with my family, and when i got in the van, scott had left my presents for me (he had to work and couldn't travel with me to kankakee). I got some cool stuff from the family...and it was fun to hang out and show off my MINIVAN. I also got some flowers delivered to me at work, phone calls and emails from a few yeah. it was a good day all in all.

Friday we went to indoor camp (oh traditional nazarenes UNITE!) we hung out with the kids, enjoyed Jesus, and then illini skateland. We didn't get back to the church until after midnite, but thats all good because the quiz was in danville. the quiz went--typical. undefeated during the round robin, and then 2nd in finals (at least they weren't third-i was totally stressin!). Brian decided to announce that he is stepping down as district director and (the secret you've all been waiting for) SCOTT AND I ARE TAKING OVER next year. So thats exciting. and scary. we've got lots of ideas, but getting them to work out--we'll see. Pray for us. Oh, and the kids are having a dinner. Go to scott's journal for all the info.

I'm sure there is more news, i just can't think of it. It's almost Ohio time. Oh, and my grandma sent me this really cool email--maybe i'll share it later.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


So, they promoted the caseworker we didn't want as our new supervisor. Friday is supervisor Wendys *the bestest* last day at Lutheran. sad times all around. we're having a goodbye party, and then the red team is leaving early (and for any lutheran spies who might check our time cards, we'll be in the field all afternoon).

Last night, I had one of my independence wards blow a placement and we have to move her. We left to get her at 11:45 PM and she lives over an hour from Champaign. So got her, took her to her new placement, and then finally got home at 3:15 AM. then i had to be at work for meetings at 9:00 so I couldn't even get some extra sleep. Tomorrow I have a meeting at a school at 8, so there's no sleep for the weary. *note--i am posting rather than sleeping. it happens*

In other news. I am not, despite the vicious rumors spread by Leah, pregnant. I have no intentions of being pregnant. I know that greatly saddens everyone, but its the truth. Maybe in a year or two (or three) but not right now. I was told that I was being elusive about secrets and minivans and whatnot, so the OBVIOUS conclusion was that a baby was on the way. This is the quote from leah that totally made me smile: well, you really are suspicious. I think you'll pregnant soon if you keep acting like that :-)

funny stuff. I know. Well, its time to go lay down. have a happy thursday everyone.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

such a follower.

Ok. Here it is. Go pick some words that may or may not give me a window into my personality.

Anyway. The summit died. A sad, lonely, painful death (I HOPE). Anyway, this led us to get a new car about 6 months before we had planned. It's a Mazda MPV. yes, thats a minivan, no we don't have kids. I don't care if you make fun of me for being soccer momish. It's what I wanted.

I'm sure other stuff has happened, since its been like forever since i posted. umm...melanie had a baby shower. The camp board met to discuss stupid changes for this summer. My supervisor announced shes leaving us FOREVER on Feb. 24th. It makes the whole team crazy sad, but we're gonna stick together and no matter what--we can take on any supervisor they throw at us :) Ours will be DEEPLY missed, as she is the best. I can't talk about that anymore, or the tears will flow unendingly.

I need to go pack for the trip to Sterling this weekend. Oh, and get directions. Man i'm a slacker.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Ryan posted... i guess i will too. today we went to the manteno was good times, as it always is. my kids were second again (but not from lack of trying, and they did beat naperville in the round robin so go them) they were 2, 3, 10 place individually. which is really good. and i was really proud. and theres other exciting quizzing news too--but i can't give out details for another month or so...ask me again after district finals :)

in other news--got a random call in the middle of the night from alicia--didnt even see my cell phone until after the quiz..tried to call her back---and got smallville sang to me, so i left a message. hopefully we'll be able to talk soon, because apparently something has happened..that im not really aware of, and has AS usual, been intensified by the online journaling community, but i have no idea what was said, and if you're curious. too bad, i removed all comments relating to said disagreement.

Head up young person, head up.

and with that, i'm headed to bed. And for all you princess diary fans out there--author meg cabot has some awesome, whimsical adult books as well...let me know what you think after you rush out and pick one up