Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Trivial things

So, today I am totally frustrated by finding out that after working for over a month, ordering supplies and getting approved through all the right people at church--that maybe the old way of doing it is too critical to cut, and so this project I had worked on must now be modified, and won't even work the way i intended. This leads me to being at home-frustrated and ready to scream...when I find out that my friend Mel's dad died. And I am totally overcome with the realization that my worries are petty-trivial things that can be fixed. So be sad for Mel's family. Pray for them. Pray that she can finally have some peace..and that she can be thankful she was married the week before he went into the hospital in may. Her birthday is saturday-thats probably when the funeral will be. And here I was worried about having to change the way I wanted to do childrens church.

Friday, August 20, 2004

crazy paranoia

Some days I feel like there is nothing going on. I worked all morning (got a lot of office work accomplished) planned an event, created a template, and then stared at these people who do a food co-op at our church. Now, they only come in one friday a month-and the truck brings the food, and they sort it, and they determine who gets what. The interesting thing about this group is that not one of them attends our church. Yet they have a key, and full use of our fellowship hall. Maybe I'm not trustworthy enough-but then again, my office is the only one on that level. I mean, there they are, doing a good thing for the community, and yet I am worried about them poisoning my fish or something. I know thats totally crazy because they are doing a service--but I just kept thinking--who are these people, and why are they doing this here? I mean, our church isn't exactly in the middle of isn't even in town. So now we all know I'm paranoid, and don't trust anyone. It happens. I'm not happy about it, but it was my reaction.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Human Contact

Well, Scott got to spend a few days with his friends in St. Louis, and I got to be in kankakee-which happens to be a nice place to visit, as long as we're not living there. Tuesday I hung out with my family, then went to Rachel&Joel's, we played Trivial pursuit with Megan and Ryan. Then I talked to my favorite fish, and he just happened to be passing through, so we all went to the great steak and shake. It was fun, because I was around people. Now-these people are normally fun, but since it was like a special treat to be around people I knew--they were SUPER FUN. Then Joel and I worked on a fun puzzle. Wednesday was the Tivoli picnic, and that was-eh. The way it always is. I'm glad I went, but it wasn't anything spectacular. Then because it was storming again when it was time to drive home, I stayed-and hung out with Naomi Reynolds, who is more spectacular every time I talk with her. The funny news of our lives: Scott left monday, so tuesday I locked myself out of our house. I was in Kankakee wednesday, so Scott locked himself out of our house. We need to get some stock in the locksmith business :) All's well that ends well. Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho It's off to the council meeting I go.

Friday, August 13, 2004


Ok, so my fantastic friend tim (who can sometimes be like a girl when it comes to emotions and drama) recently got seriously hurt by a girl. Now, this makes me really angry. It could be his own fault, since I warned him, but really I only hold it against her. It's the nature of girls. But honestly-she has emotional problems. and it is her fault. and while i do forgive her, the fact remains that her behavior patterns are not changing and therefore, i am not interested in listening to all of the things she has to say--heartless? Maybe. But I am a strong believer in honesty and therapy. which i believe everyone needs. we all need to know how to manage our emotions, and we all need support systems to do that. However, we also need to realize our limits and not wear ourselves out on people unwilling to be honest with themselves. I know its hard to be honest. I know its tough to admit whats wrong with the self. BUT it does help. and its really the only way to stay healthy-working on being an honest person. It's ok to hurt, and its ok not to hide that hurt. I guess thats my rant.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

A new member of our family.

GUESS WHAT??? I'm pregnant! Hahahahaha!! Just kidding. No really, we do have a new member, a beautiful kitten to call our own. Scott would be happier if it was a dog..but sorry-the lease says no way. :) so we got a kitten. I am very very happy, because now i will have someone to hang out with on those lonely nights when scott is at work. The kitty doesn't have a name yet, but it is a girl, black with white paws. I am going to pick her up tonight hopefully. So she will have a name soon. We're taking suggestions.

I will admit maybe we take things slower than a lot of our friends, who are having babies or buying houses, while we are just at the "lets get a cat" stage-but thats ok. We don't have time for babies and houses, we are still young and free and wild. (ok maybe not...we barely have any friends) But it makes me happy. Very Very Happy.

In other news we celebrated our anniversary on saturday. I aquired the fantastic DanceDanceRevolution-which, for the record, is WAY harder than it looks. But it does have its fun spots, and it is good exercise (especially when I am trying SO hard). I need to go practice. I will master the easy level, I will.

Thursday, August 05, 2004


So, first there is this not so happy bit of news...we have a children's musical every year on christmas eve--and I cannot bear being away from my family for christmas--but the musical must go on--and I, as their fearless leader, must be in attendance. It's a tragedy of epic proportions, but it happens, and I will muddle through. IN lighter news--scott and I applied to volunteer at Youth Specialties National Youthworker convention in Dallas--AND WE GOT ACCEPTED! This means we get to attend the convention for free, and we get tons of cool free stuff. I am super excited. I haven't been since 2001-and scott since it will be FANTASTIC--I RECOMMEND EVERYONE GO-even if you don't work with teens. its a fantastic time :)