Sunday, August 26, 2007

quizzing gives me hope.

Well, quiz practice is well underway. We went over galatians chapter 2 tonight. The returning quizzers are really doing amazing, and the new ones are learning, and scared of everything. but its cool. i love it. i love teaching people how to do it, and i love seeing teenagers really getting into the word.

It gives me hope. When life is frustrating, and my clients drive me nuts, and i just feel like i don't want to do anything, i hope for quiz practice. Even when its not the most serious, or even the most fun, it gives me hope. Hope to know that the God I serve is so amazing, that he can give me these students for a few hours a week-to share their lives, and bring me peace. It the quiz room, where some people haven't studied, and some are distracted, and some are super focused, its comforting to know, we're part of something bigger.

I can't wait until we start travelling. I think its going to be some terrific times in the party van (and the rented van-a praise that we won't always fit in one car!) at lunch, at dinner, during rounds and in the vans...God is going to bring us some serious good times.

When I get discouraged, when I get frustrated--well, there's always Jesus, and he gives me quizzing.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

life, as a work of frustration.

I get so easily frustrated. Tonight i got a call from a foster parent, through the on-call service. After calming the foster parent down, and resolving the issue for the moment-I get super frustrated because it was a lombard call and not a kankakee call. i know, its stupid..but for the next hour, i called the lombard on call worker to make sure they got all the details.

i also get frustrated at scott. we will sit down to watch a show, and i'll say, "you're gonna fall asleep, lets not watch it." To which he assures me that he will not fall asleep. But then he does. and it really frustrates me. its like, i want to sit on the couch and waste my life watching tv--but i want to do it with him...and when he falls asleep--its like i should just go ahead and do it alone. no matter how many times i get frustrated though, he still always trys to say he will stay awake when he knows full well he wont--or at least tell me when he's tired so we can shut it off and finish it later. but i just look over andBAM he's asleep.

theres more, but the laptop battery is low, and i don't want to get up.

it'll be ok. thanks for reading.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hey Hey it's Saturday!

well, its one o'clock, and its raining a little. I hope that there is some dry ground at the heartmoms picnic and that it goes well.

Quizmania was a smashing good time. For the last hour of the morning, joe asked the lady if we could use bumpers, and sat on the floor rolling it down the lane--basically because if you had been bowling since midnight--well, at 5 am you'd sit on the floor to finish your games too. We gave away a few cool prizes...AND everyone did a little quizzing. we're off to a good start. :)

I would say more, but i just woke up and i'm a little hungry. Later gang.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

hey, its thursday night.

and i suck at posting. it happens. i would love to post some pictures from last weekend--we escaped to St. Louis for our anniversary/free time before the quizzing season starts. Alas, this weekend will not be as carefree.

The good news of the baseball world-the cardinals SWEPT the 1st place central division brewers and have had 5 straight wins (defeating the 1st place west division dodgers 2 out of 3 games)

24 hours from now, we'll be hanging out at quizmania--so thats exciting and stressful all at the same time.

Ryan and Lori are gonna help with the 1st church team this year, so that should take some of the pressure off, and we needed the help looks like we're gonna have around 10 quizzers. So thats cool.

i'm not pregnant. Thanks lexa, for asking. I am however attending sidra's bridal shower next sunday the that should be fun! (acutally i need to rsvp...but its too late to do that at the'll have to wait until tomorrow).

my husband is laying on the couch laughing at the daily show. he's always laughing at that show.
oh, other exciting news. we're headed to texas in october for a wedding that scott will be in--we'll get to hang out with evan, liz and merideth that weekend too so thats cool. i love other peoples kids. the bad news, we probably won't be able to go to sidra's the next weekend...maybe if everyone freakin lived closer....

i think thats it. I was trying not to be distracted. but as those of you close to me know, in a psychological testing class i was once labeled with the following prayer:
"Dear God, please help me to keep my mind on one thing oh hey look at that bird
at a time. Amen"
Love me because im unfocused. It wouldn't be fun if everyone paid attention all the time.