Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hump day.

Welcome to my hump life actually. Within the next two weeks, I will finish almost all of my training and be all alone in the world of social work. Today, the girl who i have been working with (and im inheriting the cases) was out sick. No big deal except for the fact that umm...we had planned separate things for our days and well, I had to do both of our full days of stuff. And some of it was stuff I didn't know how to do. And yeah. within the last 24 hours--at least 3 of my cases have turned in to total drama. Like drama i am not qualified to deal with. Its frustrating. I mean challenging. I still had a good day though. It was busy and way crazy, and made me wish more than anything that these were completely my cases or not at all...since i still don't have all the info on what was done most recently. But it will get better. Transitioning is always hard. And my supervisor told me she was impressed with something that I that made me happy--like i can totally do this social work thing. So today was hump day (the uphill part) and it began the transition into hump month. I'm sure by say February--i should know whats going on. :)

Now its off to quiz practice--something I totally know everything about--oh the release. :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


NYWC totally amazing. There aren't even words. I made some great friends, and once a year is not enough to see these people. If only they didnt freakin live in California and south florida..
Jeff and Karen said they would teach us to surf if we came to visit them. right. like i want to learn to surf or have vacation time to do that. Next year--CIncinatti. It's already been decided. I can't wait. I am seriously distraught that the U.S. is so big.

It's like coming down off of the camp high--only its different, because its BIGGER. And we had more time to chat and really connect with people than one does at camp.

I am also so happy to have been able to spend some time with Elizabeth Bjorling. I sometimes forget how great of a person she really is.

There's way too many stories. If you've never been to one of these things, and you have ever worked with teenagers on any level--you should go next november. (preferably to Cincinatti so you can see us). It's just awesome. Check out scott's livejournal to learn more in detail about all of the fun happenings.

i gotta finish up this st. louis trip information. have a great turkey day everybody!!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

My quiz team totally rules the world!

1st place again!

Jr High Rookies.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


At least today. So, Chipolte is opening Friday down in campustown. We know this because it's just a few blocks from the courthouse. So today they gave away free burrittos and sodas to anyone who stood in line. So our lunch break-Cherylanda, Arnetha, Allison, Valerie and I went and stood in line. we were in line ONE AND A HALF HOURS. Then we took our food back to the office and sat in the break room for another 40 eating. FREE TASTY GIANT CHIPOTLE BURRITTOS. It was fantastic. Of course, not all days are like this--some are much harder--like today christy had to give CPR to someone who had a stroke during a meeting. but today for we was terrific. So bring on the stress--as long as once in awhile i can go out to lunch and de-stress with my social work crew.

In other news: quiz practice last night was interesting. tried something new. don't think it worked too well. i need games for friday night--please help!!

I guess its time to watch so much needed television. Or i could memorize Romans 10. I've got time for both i think.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

1:17 AM

I should be in bed. 17 minutes ago. I just finished up the stuff I need for tomorrows quiz practice and should be heading off to bed. I sent an email to a few people reminding them about the quiz and thanking them for their willingness to help out. Then I started thinking about the ever changing dynamic of relationships and read Leahs post.

I think about the people who were my best friends 3 months ago, 3 years ago, and 6 years ago. So many things can change a relationship. I have gained and lost and even regained several friends over the past 6 years. Like April--who was in my wedding--and I haven't seen since her wedding. Or melanie--who was one of my best friends/enemies/and is now one of my close friends again-all for different reasons and purposes. Or Rachel-who is now in Maryland. We're still wives/sisters, etc...but things are different. Not because she's far away, but because a lot of our commonalities have changed. Would I call her with a problem, sure. But I would probably call Christy or Allison first. Not because I don't love her--because I totally do--but we don't know the details of each others lives like we did 6 months ago-we're both busy, and its not a priority--even if it should be. Then there's Erika and Stevi--who can pick up right where we left off and we realize that our lives are busy, and different, and that doesn't change our friendship. I have friends I talk to once a year (congrats to all the ladies expecting little ones) and friends who get their feelings hurt if we don't talk more than once a week. I am sure that sometimes I sound like a bad friend, distracted by other things and unable to talk for long. And sometimes I feel like that towards others at times because of their lack of attention to me. I think part of that comes from wanting to know we are loved and valued by the people that we care so much about. A confirmation of friendship, knowing that people care about how long i cleaned the house and why my grandma is in the hospital. Unoconditionally. Even if things change, that in the end, I can count on someone to love me and value me.

Anyway, I think its so cool that God made so many ways for us to be in relationship with each other. That we can have so many different types of friends. I know I don't tell my friends nearly enough how much they mean to me. I don't say thank you when someone calls to see whats going on in my life, and I blow off things that I don't think I have time for. It's not sincere to do it in my blog (or so I have been told). But to all my friends who read this, and those who don't--please know that you are loved and important and I do have time for you--the day to day stuff is just as important as the crisis stuff--i'm also sorry I (like most of you) don't have countless hours to always hear about the day to day stuff--but it is important. Your lives are important. Each and every one of you. Please know today that above all, you are loved and valued today by me.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

its been awhile.

a lot of nothing has happened in the past week. My grandma's trailer caught fire (no real damage i'm told) but shes in intensive care for smoke inhilation. Thanks to everyone who sent up thoughts and prayers. The highlight of the week being my husband and i went to dinner and rented movies and had coffee at borders last night. Other than that, its been lots of work (which i really enjoy), went shopping with Christy twice, got to go to quiz practice and see my lovely quizzers, yeah. a bunch of stuff like that. It seems so strange that i was so lonely in danville when rachel and joel still lived here and now that we live just 15 minutes from champaign i'm very rarely lonely. Of course, i drive to danville twice a week to see the quiz team, but it seems like theres something going on just about every night. Tomorrow scott and i are going to kankakee to see my grandma (who may or may not be out of the hospital) and then to watch chicken little at the meadowview. Last week I went trick-or-treating in the rain with Mel and Malyssa (and the kids of course).

I think that Allison and I are going to work out on tuesday and thursday this week. Then friday my quizzers are sleeping over, saturday is the quiz, sunday is practice and packing for nashville and after work next monday we leave for nashville for a week for the youthworker convention. It's gonna be fantastic. I feel a little bad that we don't have time off to go see rachel and joel in their new house, but we've committed all of our off days to volunteering for camps, quizzing, and youth specialties. I'm sure that sometime in the new year we'll get out there...its just such a long trip to only be able to go for like a day and over 100 dollars in gas. I don't think it matters too much--they're happy there and we're happy here so life is probably as it should be. If i continue on this subject the ramble will just get i guess i'm gonna go have some lunch.