Friday, May 04, 2012

I get it Jesus!

One of my favorite quotes all through college went a little like this: God is always speaking.  We must choose whether to listen to his whisper, or wait for his brick.  That's how the last 5 months of my life have felt.  I've been listening, and listening, and listening.  Yet, God still has more for me.

 I don't listen long enough, or something, because I feel like he's constantly smacking me with a brick.  It's ok.  I know He means well.  He is, after all, God.  For the past few weeks, I've just wanted to scream, "I GET IT JESUS--NOW BACK OFF!"  This attitude may actually be the reason for the bricks.  I acknowlege that and continue to tantrum.  I've listened.  I've waited.  I continue to do so...anxiously, of course. 

Most days, I just want life to be normal.  To return to a state of being from this time last year.  I know thats boring, and thats not the life God designed for me...but it would be nice, for a little while.  I actually began praying, and felt at peace with the idea last October that this next year was going to bring terrific things to my family.  I didn't realize that in those prayers, and in that peace, life would look like it does today.  I look forward to sharing more details about our journey soon, but for now, just pray that God maybe finds some foam bricks :)

Monday, April 09, 2012

Crazy busy life.

Well, no posts since December.  I am a posting failure on this blog.  I do have a little better record on my other blog so you can stop by there if you like. 

Here's the short version of the last 4 months.
Catholic Charities ended foster care.  So, I was unemployed.  Of course, this ended up being for less than a day because Lutheran Child and Family Services picked us up.  Our whole office.  We stayed housed in the Catholic charities building until just this last week, when we moved into our own office space a blog south.  My goal to work my whole life on Schuyler appears to be coming true. 

Ruby is 3.  She is potty trained.  She has a regular twin bed instead of her toddler bed.  She is awesome.  She likes math, and loves to sing and dance.  Especially for an audience.

Today I will find out if my dear sister in law is having a boy or a girl. I'm anxiously waiting the call or text or email about this, but apparently, I need to learn patience.

God's got us on another incredible journey of faithfulness and waiting.  I really have no idea how Moses led people around in uncertainty for 40 years.  I'm struggling with 4 months.  Of course, if you add the 6 months of my job uncertainty to that, I guess it's more like 10 months...but still.  It's hard to be faithful and wait.  I like action.  So, that of course is another lesson.  God's got a terrific plan I'm sure, and we're surrounded by tons of people who care about us and are waiting with us.  We're very blessed to have supportive family, friends and a wonderful church.  Let's just pray that God, knowing how much I can bear, gets to moving :)

We're planning a disney vacation for september.  i've also started a part time business as a disney vacation planner.  I'm not working super hard at it for the moment, but in those dark days of October and November, when every single day we didn't know if Catholic Charities would continue its program to the next day, it was a solid plan.  I like doing it, and it really is fun as far as work goes, so if you want to go to Disney, let me know, I'll get you all set up. 

My quizzers are incredible people.  We pray together, laugh and cry together.  I'm excited to share life with them.  We finished our regular season in fantastic fashion--taking first at sterling and second at indy.  we finished first at finals, with two quizzers ending first on the year, the weekend and the district A team.  Of course, its about more than 2.  We've got 14 going to Q2012, and im excited to see what God does next in this ministry.

I feel like more has happened, but I'm not sure what else--so--for now, live the resurrection!