Wednesday, May 28, 2008

hello, hello.

im excited to know that rachel will be here in a little over two weeks. thats FUN. it makes me happy. i will only get to see her one night..but still...thats better than nothing. i have not seen her since disney...

in other news, erikas brother richard will be occupying the space that used to belong to andy and naomi...he seems almost like he's afraid of us, so that could be fun...but mean, so i will try not to scare him. he's going to Olivet for his masters in the fall and just needs a place to call home for a bit. we do what we can :)

the cardinals won tonight. the cubs are currently in extra innings.
yep. thats about it for the excitement of my life.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Jaylene.

Monday was Jaylene's birthday. so scott and i went out to dinner with her family. it was a pretty good time overall...and i think jaylene was pretty excited to have people celebrate her--she doesn't get that too often.

Sunday was my last class with the 6th graders...which is really sad, but at the same time, my class will be probably less than 10 all that'll be a nice break.

i worked at the theatre all weekend...which was way better than i thought it would be. prince caspian was a very nice fellow it turns out, and people came to see him. We were praising the warm weather (which has vanished again) because we think that helped keep the numbers down a little that it wasn't super crazy.

Scott and I bought a big wooden pot to put over this hole in our front yard so that we're not constantly sticking the mower in it..which is good. hopefully we'll get flowers soon, because right now, its just a pot of dirt...which is kinda silly, and its kinda silly because its at the FRONT of our front by the we'll see how it goes in the end. im hoping for some warm weather as there is some stuff I would like to do outside.

well, so much for my randomness...i need to get ready for work (and this is why im late)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

bible study.

about a year and a half ago, my husband forced me to go on a ladies retreat at our church. now--lets be honest, if you know my church--it didnt really sound like a good time. i imagined the parents of my quizzers, and the nice old ladies in my church--basically a snooze fest and i had better things to do--like lay on my couch.

well, that weekend changed my life. it actually connected me with lovely ladies my age--that were really cool people. and they had husbands that love to play games-so it gave us a group of friends and a support system we had been lacking since college.

shortly after, i joined the girls Bible study which meets on thursday nights. we've had some good times. i'm really grateful to this group, because they have given me accountability, and a place where i can encounter Jesus. and now, i'm being challenged again--to go even deeper with Jesus, and i'm excited. its gonna be amazing i think.