Sunday, September 30, 2007

my cat hates me.

on occasion, scott and i keep aidan overnight. our cat absolutely hates aidan--for no good reason other than pure cat jealousy at not being the only baby in the house. its funny because we always set up aidan's pack-n-play in our bedroom--and our cat positions herself as far as possible from our room as she can figure out. she sits in the living room on the the far end...she'd probably sleep upstairs with andy and naomi if they would allow it...its cute for her to be jealous, but it makes me nervous about what happens when we have kids--will she ever adjust??

in other news, i can't sleep. which is why im posting about my cat. i am going to be SO tired for church tomorrow--and that makes me mad too--because i want to go to bed, but i just can't sleep. i haven't finished my sunday school lesson, but normally--i just wing it anyway. its creation--and it should be an easy lesson--so lets hope. i want to talk to caley about getting us a bigger room, or a room that we can actually use--but we'll see if i remember that tomorrow.

this week, i've been really stressed about money--with upcoming trips and whatnot. plus christmas.

man. this post is kinda sucky. so im just gonna stop. i'll do better next time, i promise.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


My prayer tonight is for the wounded. the betrayed. the heartbroken.

sometimes are hurts are little, and seem big. sometimes they are selfish. sometimes they feel like they will destroy us. our friends betray us, our bodies betray us, our dreams betray us. So what are we left with? The hope that God can take our hurts, and turn them into something beautiful. We hope that God can teach us, and can heal us, even when we think its impossible.

we seek out others who are like us. hurt, troubled, broken. We cling to each other and we cling to our hope. This is what we have.

Hope that God heals. That God loves. That God knows what we need and can give us strength to make it to tomorrow.

To all of my friends, and their very real hurts-big or small. I love you-but better than that! God loves you immeasurably and is wrapping his arms around you and holding you while you cry.