Thursday, April 27, 2006

oh no.

we are home from maryland. but we forgot something. our best friends. no matter how cute we are, we can't convince them to come back to us ;) We did however convince joel to consider disney. this makes me happy. SO VERY VERY HAPPY.

lets see: hung out with erika and her gang on friday-had chinese and played scene it! good times all around.

Saturday: walked around downtown frederick with rachel and abby. and had some ritas. then we got brandon and went with ryan and lexa and baby katrina to this thai place. leftovers are still in the fridge at their house. oops. oh. then we finally got to see joel.

Sunday: church, lunch at some cute italian place, frisbee in the park adding simon (and his kids)to our group. back to the house-where ryan and lexa joined us again--we had sandwiches...ryan, simon, scott and joel played settlers. abby, rachel, lexa, brandon (once) and I played scattergories. everyone left-rachel, abby and sara went and got ice cream

Monday: went to DC-holocaust museum. and we rode a pirate ship. then we had EVERYONE over again including Mark and Leah and their two Laura (she was sick the day before) and we grilled some tasty stuff. some of the boys played aquire, the girls all hung out. ate more ice cream. chatted with lexa outside for a bit.

Tuesday: Joel left early to head back to work. Rachel, scott and i went to chipotle. then we decided to watch american dreamz! funny show. then we came back home.

I love my husband even though he wouldn't play encore with me in the car. it was fantastic to get to see everyone and all the little kids. thats the trip in a nutshell.

hope everyone else had a great weekend.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

broken hearted.

Allison and I had a fantastic talk tonite. About not being able to be social workers. It's too hard. We both had bad nights which I'm sure was a precipitating factor. But there was no laughter. Generally, we all go out, we laugh and joke about our clients...but the reality is there is nothing funny about hurting kids. We both talked about wanting to be foster parents. And about how that would be super hard too. It's not so much about foster care being hard as it is about the fact that we aren't really helping anyone. The system sucks and the only way to really make a difference is to work the entire time you're not asleep. and you can only sleep for 5 hours. Even then, people have to want to change.

The lesson in all of this: DO NOT HURT CHILDREN.

Or elderly people.

In other much happier news: I'm going to the holocaust museum. In 48 hours, we'll be hangin out and spending the evening with erika. :) Then saturday early we continue our journey to Maryland. And we get to see Rachel and Joel!! and lexa, ryan, katrina, mark, leah, levi, seth, brandon and abby! It's gonna be some fantastic times. We aren't moving there-so everyone can stop thinkin that now-but it will be all kinds of good fun. I miss being with rachel and joel regularly. grilling, staying up all night playing video games, staring at the tv. whatever.

Last nite, I hung out with melanie and aidan. we went and saw the meadowview crew, and then met megan and ryan for some loco. It was good times. as it normally is.

i guess thats it. I'm gonna go make some dinner.

Friday, April 14, 2006

cell phones.

Christy is in the hospital again. This is the most important news I have to report on. Please pray for her, tim and baby julia that this problem gets solved.

The following is just a random rant.

ok. so i sit here at my computer--knowing i should be cleaning the house (because we are piggies) and hating technology (i know-im blogging). Cell phones are stupid. Cell phone companies are even stupider. I just want everyone to know that July 2007 is when my sprint contract expires. and i will be getting a new provider unless they get their act together. Not that i need a new provider. 8 years ago, if you wanted to find me, you left a message at my dorm. now-God bless the cell phone industry-you can call me anywhere.

At the theatres--when people actually turn their phones off--the second the lights come up and the credits start, 50 cell phones pop out--what if i missed an important call? im guilty. but that doesn't mean i dont think its stupid. i understand that there are some real emergencies.

And cell phones make people rude. like, when they're in the check out line, and instead of hanging up and talking to the cashier-you just keep chatting away, holding up the line, and then get disgusted at the poor minimum wage employee that is waiting for you to get off the phone and pay. Why can't you just swipe your card without ever talking to the cashier?


i'm on call. so im sitting at home alone all of easter weekend. and im pretty much just crabby about my cell phone company. so im gonna go clean a LITTLE, watch some tv, and wait for naomi to come home.

Monday, April 10, 2006


Melanie: Thursday afternoon: Aidan Christopher
9lbs 10oz, maybe 22in.

Christy: Sunday afternoon: Julia Hayli
8 lbs 4 oz, about 21in.

Congrats to the new mommies!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

no babies, dang.

Well, here's the news. Melanie and christy neither one have given birth. Both of them are now officially past the due date. Hopefully this weekend, I'll be able to meet one if not both babies. and someone else i know (not me) is pregnant.

joel makes me cry. disney is SUPPOSED to be a family affair. we'll see what can be done. sigh.

went to kankakee on saturday--helped set up my brother in the spare room where he will be living the next two months until his leg heals. then i went to dinner and hung out with megan. it was way fun.

Alicia was in town monday--i got to meet the very very handsome jacob (i didnt get pictures as i forgot my camera) and then alicia became deathly ill--like passed out ill, and after being joined by megan, and then taking megan back to her car, and getting her to the interstate, alicia and her dad headed to kankakee. then i met up with megan at my house and we chatted some more. good times.

today i was crazy tired, and couldn't figure out why since i slept in to make up for staying up late. hmm...

i think that there might have been more to say but maybe not. maybe if i wanted to pour out my soul, but the publicness of this forum seems not the best place.

3 weeks until we get to see rachel and joel. unless of course i decide that going to say, idaho or some other random place would be more fun. its a good thing i love rachel. :)