Monday, September 29, 2008

Before you vote...

I don't understand why the american people are even allowed to vote.  I know,
democracy is supposed to be about "for the people, by the people" but what
happens when the vast majority of those people are un-informed and have NO idea
about any of the issues, or where candidates actually stand. An article in the
daily journal two weeks ago has really been bothering me. They ran a story
about a 42 year old woman who has NEVER voted. She hasn't even ever registered.
However, she has twins with down syndrome. So she's registering to vote, so
that she can vote for McCain/Palin since Sarah Palin has a baby with downs.
SERIOUSLY? And of course, if you're black, you probably should vote for Obama.
Or maybe one candidate is better looking than the other. The best person for
the job should be the one to do the job. However, your children, the color of
your skin, or what you ate for breakfast should really not be the reason you
vote for someone. As more and more people make their decision, they don't know
anything about the facts. Part of that is the fault of the media-who are
supposed to bring truth to us, but instead bring us slander campaigns from each
camp--or color everything with their own opinions. Is John McCain too old, and
Barack Obama too young? Maybe. Is Sarah Palin qualified to be vice president
because she has a child with downs? Is she less qualified because shes a
mother, even though Obama is a father? I think in the future, candidates should
all wear bags on their heads, and their personal lives not be investigated at
all. They should only be allowed to talk about real issues facing our society.
They should address why the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. They
should have to provide real, tangible solutions, not just theories or ideas.
But alas, as we live in a media-crazed society that cares nothing about the
value of the human can we even hope for such a miracle. If
you're not registered to vote, go register. BUT PLEASE--don't make your
decision based on the families, skin colors, ages or food preferences of the
candidates. Please actually investigate both sides of the issue. Don't vote
democrat or republican because you always have. Don't only listen to one
side--or research Obama from McCains view and vice-versa. Please Please Please,
try to be educated before election day. And hope that the ignorant masses come
down with the flu and have to stay home.