Tuesday, October 23, 2007

ice world

so, right now, scott is playing mario 2--which i got for the wii so that i could fight the BLOOP guy repeatedly....and maybe someday get beyond level 2. Well, scott decides, its time i learn something, and shows me a WARP to world 4 right there in level 1-2. Crazy?? theres like ice, and rocket ships and all kinds of cool stuff in world 4. i will totally use that warp the next time i play.

In the other boring news of my life--i had a terrific time last night at chipotle with erika and jeremy..even if i was kinda like a 3rd wheel. haha. and for the record--the skybus doesn't fly to kankakee or boise --which is really really too bad.

over the weekend we travelled to texas for jonathan's wedding..scott was in the wedding. it was a fun trip overall. I especially like the part where scott sat by this guy on the way down, and then he was on our flight back too--and so they chatted for a little moment.

i have also cleaned my kitchen and learned (from jeremy) how to use AIM at work...so i am sure i will be much more productive. :)

have a good week!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

K3 United Front.

I think this about says it, but just in case it doesn't.....