Saturday, December 17, 2011

Potty Training.

So, we've decided it was time for the epic battle. We've tried wearing undies a few times, like once a month on saturday when we're at home with nothing to do. We've practiced how to put them on, we've practiced how to pull them down. We've read a few children's books all about the potty. Scott and I actually have a lot of time off in the next week between the two of us, and decided it was time. Ruby can tell us when she's wet and so if she can tell us, we thought we'd dive in.

Ruby, in full stubbornness, decided she NEVER wanted to wear undies. After almost an hour of crying, tears and throwing undies at us, she fell asleep, undies on. After waking from this exhausted nap, she left them on, no arguments. At bedtime, she told us she wanted to wear her undies. Scott told her that at bed time she could wear a pull-up. Of course, that led to a little more battle this morning. It's now 11:03. We've only had one accident today. We're staying home all day, so i'm sure there will be more. Somehow, I think this whole thing would be easier if our darling child wasn't so stubborn :)

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Imaginary Jesus.

I just finished reading this book called Imaginary Jesus. It's christian fiction, and some of the best I've read. Through humor, it examines the different Jesus' we conjure up in our own lives, that keep us from living for and following the real Jesus. I am especially fond of Magic 8 ball Jesus, but you need to read the book to really experience him. It's insightful, and at times a little heartbreaking. I was most taken in by the description of why Jesus lets bad things happen. In a conversation with the "real" Jesus,the author, Matt poses the following question. Enjoy the excerpt :)

“If you had been here,” I said, “my baby would still be alive.” I couldn’t bring myself to say it as a question. Where were you? If you love us so much, how could you let this happen?

Jesus was silent for a long time, his hands still on my head. I felt him lean down near my ear, and then he spoke quietly. “I am the resurrection and the life. Belief in me brings life, even if you die. And for those who live and believe in me, they will never die.” He paused. Then he asked me, “Do you believe this?”

Did I believe? If I didn’t believe that he had power over life and death, why would I be angry? There would be no point in being angry at a powerless God, because it wouldn’t be his fault that he couldn’t intervene. My anger and pain, then, were actually evidences of a deep certainty that Jesus has power over life and death. I believed with all my heart that he could bring life into any circumstance. I simply didn’t understand why he had chosen not to do so with my child. The otherness of someone who has power over death suddenly hit me. Here was Jesus, God in the flesh, who had come to earth not to condemn the world but to save it. To save us, his creation, the world and people he had brought into existence merely by desiring it. And here I was, a few decades old, thinking I could tell him how to save us.

Mikalatos, Matt; George Barna (2010-03-27). Imaginary Jesus (Kindle Locations 2907-2917). Tyndale House Publishers. Kindle Edition.

What a great encouragement! That in all things, when we are hurting, Jesus still has all the power. He's right there in the pain, weeping with us, and asking us to be real in our pain. I'm so excited that we serve such a Great Big GOD!