Thursday, September 17, 2009


So, I have kind of a lot of work to do in the next week or two. But, I'm not a mobile caseworker (silly diocese not wanting to get us secure laptops). This means, I cannot get access to the DCFS program required to do my work. BUT sitting in my cubicle is so distracting. People talking, phones ringing, my desk needing to be cleaned. So, I get very little done. I have forgotten for 2 weeks straight to charge my ipod, thus creating the appropriate background to drown out everything else. TONIGHT, I will charge my ipod. TOMORROW I WILL do 5 social histories. I WILL finish all of my casenotes. Otherwise, im gonna have to work late. Because it has to be done.

I saw an old friend today while out at Indian Oaks. She didnt know I worked at Catholic Charities, I didn't know she was STILL at IOA. It was nice to catch up for a minute, but I was with a client, and she was working--not in the same place as me. But it was still a nice suprise. She said her family was great--with the exception of a Madden obsessed husband. I'm sure most of us can relate.

TODAY--I WILL also manage to work out and listen to a podcast while i do it. That should be motivating. I need to set more short term goals. I feel empowered. For the next 20 minutes at least.

Friday, September 11, 2009


It appears that I'm not doing a good job keeping up on my blog. I changed the layout, so maybe that will motivate me to post more. Maybe I'll even post inspirational things. Maybe someone will read it.

Our first district quiz is tomorrow. The excitement never goes away. We're taking 3 teams from first church, which is exciting all on its own. For the first time ever I think I've got everything done ahead of time. Which means it will probably all fall apart Saturday!! AHH!! We're down a little in attendance, but it seems like several quizzers have conflicts, so we may see that number go up a little bit later in the year.

Ruby is growing and is lots of fun to be around. She can play patty cake, and likes to cuddle and climb in everything. We enjoy having her around, even at her most frustrating moments is still a blessing.

One thing im struggling with lately is the idea of getting in shape. I know its important, and while weight loss would be an added benefit, its really just a good idea to be healthy. The problem is, I struggle with even finding the time to work out. What can I neglect to do that instead? My husband would tell me that I should get off the computer, or not watch so much TV. But those are the things I do to kind of "check out" for awhile. Maybe if I got into an exercise routine, that could be one of those things, but at this stage of my clumsy life, it takes an awful lot of concentration. I had a great idea that I could listen to my Corinthians Podcasts while working out, and then I would be getting some Bible study in with my exercise. The problem being--I have to do that in my living room until the basement is finished. So, i guess its a matter of discipline all around. Pray for that.