Tuesday, September 19, 2006

moving day.

last week was the district leadership conference, so we got to hang out with steve and bill and some other cool people-including kent-which was awesome since he will be at a different NYWC this year than us. We also got to learn some things about quizzing, which is always good. and eat dinner with the other quiz directors from our region...which was really helpful.

then we went to st. louis-ish, to see rachel and joel and make preparations for scotts sisters wedding. that was more than interesting, but overall, a good time.

well folks. we're officially moving again tomorrow. still no jobs. but i work at the meadowview all weekend. so thats fun. we have lots of packing still to do. our hope is that we can get all the furniture and whatnot moved, and if we have to leave behind a few things, we can finish up the moving on thursday afternoon or whatever.

In other news: we had 19 teams at the quiz on saturday!! any of you who know anything about quizzing on our district knows what a big deal this is--we're super excited for this quiz year! Yay to Jesus :) personally--the K3 hammers (named during the quiz) were 4th, and grace was 3rd individually. we had a super good time. sunday was the afterglow and i got to hang out with caley and baby peyton. so that was fun times as well.

we've been babysitting julia the past few days, which has been fun, but definately slowed the packing process down. silly babies needing attention :)

well, its back to packin for me. Hope things are going well with everyone.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


so, thats where many of you hope we might be moving.

nope. we're moving to chebanse, and staying with my family for a bit. our hope is to buy a house sometime in the near future (within 6-8 months) and perhaps have a small one.

of course, we would love for everyone to pray super hard. We still don't have jobs.
Now, we can get really low paying jobs to get by with-we've always got Ruby's and the Theatre... but not if we want to get a house, or even rent something.

so yeah. prayer is appreciated. Hope everyone is having a good labor day weekend.

i love my husband.