Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Hey, guess what?? Andy and Naomi are about to begin their next big adventure, so please pray for them that everything falls in to place as they prepare to move to Michigan and that their transition can be as smooth as possible. I know they're excited and apprehensive--as any move can be--so keep them in your prayers. I know it will mean a ton to them.

along those lines, we will soon have 3 empty bedrooms again, so if you know someone that needs a place for a little bit, send them our way. andy and naomi had the 2 upstairs room, and there is a door for a little little bit of privacy. its selfish to just have all those rooms isn't it? We aren't gonna go crazy, or put an ad in the paper, we just want to be able to help people out if they need it (and obviously, because its shared space--we aren't looking for complete and total strangers!!)

The other news of our life: DISNEY WAS AMAZING!! there were a few minor setbacks, but overall a pretty terrific week.

Our quiz team took 10th at the indy quiz..which is really great--

im tired. and i have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a very very very long day.