Sunday, November 27, 2011

Taking the Plunge!

After some prayer, a few discussions, and a lot of nervous energy, I have officially decided to learn all I can about becoming a disney travel consultant. I started the training program tonight. I will continue in foster care as long as I can. I've set one year as the time in which I will commit to this new project. After that, I'll evaluate how much time I'm spending, and if its worth it. I'm excited about it, but I'm nervous too. It's overwhelming, but it's something I've considered for over a year. No point in putting it off any longer, may as well dive in and see if I can make it!


I totally LOVED the stores opening at MIDNIGHT! Scott went out black friday shopping with me for the first time, and Daley, then Joe joined up with us during the night. It was a ton of fun. Now, here I sit on Saturday night, with almost ALL of my shopping done.

I still don't have answers about my job, but it'll work out I'm sure. I'm still considering joining the travel industry and spending my days making other people happy. I think that you should not ALLOW your 18 year old self to determine what your 30 year old self would enjoy doing every day. To be fair, I do like most aspects of my current job, but on nights like this, I'm left wondering if maybe something else would be more enjoyable.

I brought home probably 3 hours worth of work that I need to do this weekend. I haven't quite gotten to any of it, so Sunday is looking like it's going to be a long day. Some of it MUST be done tomorrow no matter what, as its DUE at 9am Monday. The rest of it, I just need to focus to get done for the end of the month.

I was really excited for a student on our quiz team today--her mom set up a "secret scavenger hunt from Santa--the last clue disclosing that they are going on a DISNEY CRUISE. Pretty excited for her, that's an amazing gift.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

5 months?

Ok. So, its been 5 months since I updated. This is the news I have to share: I am a failure. I got up to 5 minutes of running before I gave up, as my lungs continued to complain and remind me that I am not a runner. However, today we got the news that my co-workers and I have expected for months. Catholic Charities is closing their child welfare division. I'm pretty angry about it, and could probably benefit from a long run. I couldn't afford to go to the race, but maybe it would help.
Here are the reasons I am angry:
1. Catholic Charities did nothing to look out for the best interest of their employees or the families we serve. I can't speak completely to that right now, but next month, if I truly am unemployed, I will.
2. Catholic Charities said in their statement today that the financial burden was too great. It would be nice if they could at least not act like we're a burden in our final weeks. Maybe a little sadness, or tears. I mean, not a national holiday or anything, but SOMETHING.
3. Those children already have had their lives disrupted, and Catholic Charities has not done due diligence to ensure them the least disruption (again, more from the unemployment line).
4. I have believed for 5 years that Catholic Charities cared about more than money.
5. I'm terrified about being unemployed, so it is easier to be angry.

Now, back to running. If I don't have a job, I'll have plenty of time to train. Then, when I get a totally awesome new job doing something that I love (and possibly not child welfare related) I will be able to go to a RunDisney event.

I'm contemplating marketing, or event planning. Maybe even data entry for awhile, or retail. I'm pretty jaded about child welfare at the moment, but in truth, the kids of Illinois deserve some stability, so I won't take social work completely off the table just yet. I just might take a break for awhile. Work on running. Work on learning a new trade. Having an adventure. The adventure today is how we will pay the bills come January 1st. For today though, I'm trusting that God has a plan bigger than I can see, and an exciting adventure is awaiting just around the corner.

Maybe even Catholic Charities will surprise me, and we'll get a really sweet deal with minimal transition.

No matter what, I'm sure I'll have more time for blogging, so check back soon!