Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Good tidings we bring...

Hi everyone!!

I got some cool stuff for christmas, had one whole day off from all the jobs (christmas eve) and got to spend time with my way cool family and my husband.

Aside from happy christmas blessings, a few other people were home for the holidays and this is what we did:

I got to see Stevi on friday-we went to IHOP, shopping and then met scott and ryan for memoirs of a geisha at the meadowview.

Sunday we watched Rumor has it.

Monday I went with Melanie to register for her baby stuff at Target. *she still has the book with the registry cards that I NEED so she better bring next weekend* Ryan joined us and we had a good ole time. We stopped at Barnes to see Megan, she took a break to hang out with us--then got upset at something ryan said (even though im sure she's mad at me-such is life) and so we left and went to taco johns for some delicious food. It was really fun to hang out with melanie and ryan. ryans way fun these days.

New years eve is gonna be fun--but there will be NO kissing--if you want an invite..give me a call before 8 AM wednesday. After that, its just too late.

hope that everyone had a great christmas...paul, i hope you got through ok. I thought a lot about you.

Thursday, December 22, 2005


Hey Merry Christmas all!! I have one gift to wrap, and then its off to my parents for the long weekend. thats fun with family, friends and the theatre :) I won't be home until monday-but i may post before then, we'll see what the mood is like :)

I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC christmas. Remember Jesus loves you, and even though its not really his birthday--try and remember its really all about him.

For ERIKA, RACHEL, JOEL, STEVI--the plan right now is friday march 3-monday march 5 for our gathering in the circleville ohio area. there will be laughing, eating, bowling, and oh yeah--THE ACADEMY AWARDS. So thats the plan. Hopefully you can attend all of it. Of course others are as usual invited, but we are going to block out some time thats just for the six of us, and time thats just for the ladies. We'll keep you updated about actual events as the dates get nearer.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all, and to all-a good night.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

With all my love...

Ok. This is a real post. So pay attention. I have this quote on my away message -many of you have probably seen it: ***To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting***

My original post that i wrote out at work had a lot to do with being a hypocrite. and not like the "oh everyone is a hypocrite on some level kind" but the --i can't let my friends all hang out in the same room because then they will find out im not the person i led any of them to believe kind. Here's the problem. I remember (a few years ago) when someone told me they were pregnant, and asked me to prepare our "christian" friends for the news, so that at least this person wouldn't at that time feel judged. I think, and this person can testify to the fact that they were instead showered with love and support because it didn't matter. She was our friend, and no matter what happened, or happens to this day--she is loved. Many of the christians i know--not so judgemental as you may think. Sure, they stand up for what they believe in, but honestly-its your own conscious that makes you feel guilty. Not the christian. If you profess to be a christian, and hold to a christian value system then YES-other christian people will tell you when you do something not in line with your own professed christian belief. THat does not mean you are being judged..it means that someone is trying to hold you accountable for your own actions. I hold my non-christian friends just as accountable as my christian friends. So to all of my friends--stop lying. Just be who you are. Figure out what kind of person you want to be, and then don't change who you are to fit what you think other people want you to be.

Ok. So that might sound harsh--but its been edited about 4 times, so you got the mild version. here's the question(s) of the day--the serious real question: Do you feel abandoned in some area of your life? Are you lonely? Are you hurt in a way that you've never told anyone ever about? Do you feel lost? If you can trust me: please share. Maybe not in detail, or in a comment--but yes/no. If you are willing to share more-please do--just be honest with yourself. Then be waiting for the good news I have for you in an upcoming post (and the answer isn't just Jesus). Know that no matter where you are right now in your own life-you care cared for by me (and Jesus). Nothing will ever change that.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Thursday, December 08, 2005

do you remember?

Do you remember how hard jr high was? lately, there has been so much talk about kids growing up faster. here's the deal-they don't. jr high is still amazingly hard. your best friends are still your worst enemies. i get reminded of that every day and i am thankful for it. Jesus loves jr high kids. So do I.

I guess my life is boring.

Ok. Maybe not to me, but I don't post because I don't think the things that make me SO happy even entertain most people--so I kinda slack on the posting. My husband complained about this, so now, because you have nothing better to do:

Last weekend--st. louis all star team--fantastic time was had by all. driving home in the snowstorm--and making up a story about some people getting stabbed in the gut--that was good times too. Oh, and the TERRIBLE parodies of christmas songs by randy and jesse were fun times as well.

this week--umm...i babysat for the wrights monday night, got called in to work at classic cinemas over my first christmas off in 8 years *i really just want to get out of debt--this better help*

Quiz practice tonite--more terrific than ever--as far as the quizzing itself goes--i couldn't tell if i was at work or practice with the stories being told in the down time. Pray for my kids. They need it.


Thats all I got. Hope everyone is enjoying december.