Friday, June 30, 2006

the month in review:

Let's start at the end: Today Allison and I spent over an hour covering Justin's cubicle (hes a co-worker who's last day is next week) with Sox and Cardinals papers. He's a big time cubs fan. So it's really funny. and of course, he can't get to his desk. so thats funny too.

EC Camp was right in the middle (well a little towards the end) and it was a fantastic time. This is probably one of my happiest moments--hanging with the boys.

Naomi's wedding began the month--the fantastic road trip with melanie--complete with traffic on INDIANA 10; climax michigan; a giant cow; visiting april and so on. it was a good trip. congrats to andy and naomi.

Yeah. it was a good month. THere were of course some bad times, but who takes pictures of those? We're headed to Oklahoma this week to the General Bible Quiz. It should be good times. And my best friend/sister-in-law will be here in less than 24 hours to travel with us to the quiz. The only sad part is that scott is leaving earlier than me (like 8 hours from now) and we aren't sharing a room-so i won't see him too much. and that makes me so sad. but i guess rooming with rachel is a good idea since i only see her a few times a year and i get to see scott every other day of my life.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


i've felt sad all night long. There's really no reason for it. Maybe its boredom. Maybe its the lack of tasty food in our house. Maybe its trying to figure out GBQ and kids camp-even though I've already taken a week off this summer. Maybe its not chasing dreams, or settling for less of a life than God has called us to. Maybe its seeing my friends hurting. maybe its not being able to find the perfect song to capture how i feel.

i don't know, but tonight, I am sad.

Monday, June 26, 2006

e c camp...

camp was really great. better than expected even. We had no major injuries, and good weather *which is probably an ec camp first* i'd post pictures, but i haven't actually taken the time to put them onto the computer yet. maybe some day.

friday night we celebrated scotts birthday with the family. saturday i worked at meadowview then went to ihop with randy, naomi, ryan and scott. sunday we went to church in manteno--then to mongolian buffet *yum* then to the friendship festival where i got the saddest lemon shake-up and my heart was broken, but then i got a caramel bliss slush so that was better. then we watched click-which was better than expected. then we went to my parents, played with the turtles, looked for jason's wallet, then headed home. then we went and saw the break-up (yeah it was movie day) and it was alright too.

today work sucked. mysteriously, my court report that was due friday was never corrected and turned in. hmm....
then scott who loves me so much cashed in all of his two dollar bills and bought me a nintendo ds and the new mario game so that i have something to do on all those long car trips and while im doing visits. it made me super happy. i told him i didnt need it, but he said that he knew i spent my birthday money to get his present, so he wanted to get me something he knew i wanted but would never buy myself *i hate to spend my own money*. so yeah. thats the news. it looks like there might be another storm coming through--which would be awesome...cuz i could play my ds if the power goes out. its charging right now.

have a good week everyone!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Hey. You should come to EC Camp. You need to be available from Tuesday June 20 (7:00 am) until Friday June 23 (8:00 pm). We need a few more counselors...and you should consider trying it. its good times, and you get a free t-shirt. We also need someone to do crafts all day on friday.

In other news: NYI convention was good times. lots of to hang out with the youth pastors, and some random teens from all over the place. Scott talked about quizzing, and i think that some new kids will join. we're gonna do some massive recruiting this summer too--it can't hurt.

Quiz practice was alright. A few kids didn't show--so that kind of made things less productive, but oh well. Then the meadowview called...and suprise suprise...i have returned to the theatre world. i worked saturday night and again sunday afternoon. And I'll be helpin out next weekend too. It's always good to stay in touch with those movies and all.

And Jeremy came down saturday afternoon. we let him quizmaster, and he and scott attended an auction, and we got some coffee. i wish we got to hang out more--cuz he's good people.

Sunday I also started the enormous task of cleaning my parents basement.

Christy came back to work yesterday, so that made me happy. Last night, i slept 14 hours. so that was awesome too!!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

congrats Mr. and Mrs. Brodock.

Well, Naomi and Andy are married. Naomi was freaking beautiful!! I'd put up pictures, but i'm gonna wait a few days. Good times this past week. Got to hang out with rachel and abby, take a super fantastic road trip with melanie and had all kinds of adventures...hung out with april...there were lots of good times.

I wish scottie could have come. I missed him on this trip. the reynolds clan are like extended family to him, so he was sad to not be able to go either. stupid jobs.

saw my cousin seth for a few minutes at my parents today--picked cherries with my mom. hung out with my grandma.

im happy for old friends.