Monday, May 21, 2007

loving Jesus

when you love Jesus, you have to give things up. you have to change your perspective. you have to start loving people the way Jesus does. The problem with that as I am currently finding is that loving my clients, or even my co-workers seems like an impossibility.

i just read jeremy's blog (see link at right-my favorite fish!) and it is really beautiful. I think a lot of times, we look at our relationship with Jesus as something different than it is. Something more special, or pure. When in reality, to Jesus, i'm probably like my clients. Angry, grumpy...and blaming everyone for anything. I'm not nearly as poetic as Jeremy (which is why you should just take your Jesus lesson from him) and a lot of times, I blame my job for my stress which hinders my mood. Like I can't control how much i let my job effect me. And if i was really loving other people, thats how i would be reacting. Not in anger and frustration, but just love.

What would I do if i wasn't a social worker you ask? that is the recurring theme in my life as well? one thing keeps popping up. Only that thing is scary. and not nearly as reliable as being a social worker. I guess I must stay where I am until at least october, so at least i can be at the next level social case i wanted to go back. :)

alright, enough. i'm going to get soda.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


we're almost unpacked..its only been like 2 weeks since we closed ;)
anyway, i realize that when i started this, we were moving to kokomo. it was 2004, shrek 2 ws in theatres and i was working a bizillion hours a week at the theatre. since then--we're moved 4 times, and everything in our lives has changed, including the addition of our cat that summer of 2004. shrek 3 starts in 2 weeks, and i will again be working a bizillion hours...the good news is i don't have to rely on it.
scott and i both work days and like the jobs that we currently have. i still have a lot to do to finish getting unpacked...but right now, i want some doritos. so i think i will go to the gas station, and then do some unpacking until cold case at 8.
thats one thing that's changed...before we moved to kokomo..i was not a tv addict. now i totally am. thats ok though. as long as i've got time for it.