Thursday, January 29, 2009

polar pop and combos.

I'm sitting at my desk, enjoying a terrific breakfast of polar pop and nacho/pretzel combos. I'm also bored outta my mind. See, i worked really super hard to make sure my co-workers had everything they needed to cover my caseload (which had been cut in half since july anyway) while i'm out on maternity leave.

This leaves the problem: If i am coming in to work, what should i be doing? I sorted my filing, and i have some things to fax and copy, but i lack the motivation to stand in the copy room. Besides, those things aren't urgent, and could get done well, honestly...when i get back after easter. So, if i could somehow convince myself these items were critical, i may be able to do them. I have thus far been unsuccessful. I guess I could actually file the stuff I sorted to help the secretary out, but hole-punching and whatnot...not appealing.

I read part of Confessions of a not-so-supermodel, and posted the link on my facebook. Its a book for teen girls about pursuing your God-given dreams, and being filled with who God has called us to be despite our struggles and to not give up. it seemed like a good read..i may have to pick it up.

i think i'm going to print out some pictures of waldo--to amuse one of my coworkers. that'll kill 5 minutes.

Friday, January 23, 2009


I refuse to get into the abortion debate yet again. All life has value, including the life of the scared 13 year old--and the best way to stop abortion is not to ban it, but rather to create education for pregancy prevention, and non-judgemental education for unplanned pregnancies. I have a friend who knew that with her pregnancy, adoption was the right choice. She went in, and was told by a nurse that "GOD had a plan for her baby", and was condemned even for the adoption choice. My friend has said that if she hadn't known ahead of time that adoption was what she wanted, she may have been swayed by this nurse. I have a friend who was told that her unplanned out of wedlock pregnancy was sending her to hell. These environments are not conducive to safe, secure education that support adoption or keeping the baby, and can be teh situations that keep young girls from seeking out help--and in the end choose abortion because they were overwhelmed by everthing else. It's a tough choice no matter what choice you make...there is loss in any option, but our best hope to end abortion is education and more education....not laws governing choice. The reality is--even if abortion were illegal, as so many wish--abortion would still happen--it would just happen in less educated, less sterile environments. These women who choose abortion--their lives also have value-and at what point do we have the right to not value them and love them and educate them?

I know several people are angry that President Obama has reversed some abortion funding bans. History tells us that EVERY president since Ronald Reagan has done the same, depending on the nature of their political party. The CDC has been tracking the abortion rate since 1969 and showed that abortion increased in the late seventy's and eighty's with a decline from 1991-1997--the lowest rate being in 1995. Now, the CDC isn't perfect, and neither are their statistics but i think that before we get upset, we need to realize that education costs money. We also have to realize that during times when this ban was reversed, and money was more available, there was a decrease. we have to be willing to assist in this education if we are going to make a real change. It has nothing to do with the signing of any bills or legislation, but with the change in our attitudes to reach out and help others.

My prayer is that every person would understand that policy and procedure don't change lives. People change lives by their love and understanding that EVERY person has value...and if you know someone who is dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, the best thing you can do for them is help them get an education on the medical and emotional trauma of all their options. Be a listening ear, and an advocate when someone treats them poorly. Help them face their families and friends, and to make a decision that CREATES value, rather than destruction.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

making an effort.

I just read Karla's blog, which she has been so faithful at keeping, and including pictures of her darling daughter for friends and family far away, and I decided that I needed to make an effort to blog at least a little more. I'm not even sure anyone reads this thing (other than Lena).

I went to the doctor yesterday, and the baby, who is technically due in 10 days is nowhere near ready to be born. Which is ok, because i wanted to make it to the first of February anyway, so that I can be on maternity leave until Easter. It seems like a good plan. This last few weeks though, I've actually really felt like its time to get this monster out. She's lodged way up in my rib cage (i.e..NOT ready to come out) and has caused all kinds of tenderness and inflammation up that way. oh well. I never wanted to be one of those people who were consumed by their pregnancy, but i realize as i write this, that nothing else has gone on in my life this week.

Last night, I went over to see Casey and meet Anna, as they have finally settled in at home at 7 weeks. Casey has a fantastic story, and was glad she was able to share that. While I was there, Karla came over with Brynne, and we all got a chance to hang out. Its too bad that Ruby didn't actually get to play, since shes stubborn and not ready to even move down. Consequences :)

In other news, the computer wouldn't recongnize my ipod last night, so tonight i will make that a project, to try and figure out what the heck is wrong so i can get more music on lovely ipod.

Yesterday we welcomed our 44th president. It is an exciting time in history, and i find myself slightly frustrated that so many people are still negative about the transition...for whatever reason. Things have NEVER in the history of any president changed in 24 hours. Also, at any other period (like the re-election of Bush) people who were unhappy were expected to "shut up and deal with it--be supportive" and while thats kind of a negative attitude, thats what I really want to say to all those unhappy that Barack Obama is now the president. Nothing can change it, so why not be supportive and give the guy a chance to make things better. Don't be critical 24 hours in--that really isn't fair, and shows only that you are close-minded and afraid of change.

All progress is precarious, and the solution of one problem brings us face to face with another problem. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy new year.

Lena reminded me that I don't blog enough. Because i'm too lazy to cut and paste when i put a note in facebook. Of course, i don't do that very often either.

In any event, its 2009. In about a month, I'm having a baby. For that, im pretty sure I need anxiety medicine yesterday. But women have survived it for thousands of years so I'll be alright--i just have to actually believe that.

Last night, scott and i went to the movies. With our schedules, that doesn't happen too often. We went to see benjamin button, but we were about 10 minutes late, and it seemed kinda we opted for DOUBT instead. It was scott's choice, because he has worked so hard helping get the house cleaned up and repaired and whatnot for the coming baby. I wanted to thank him, and so out we went-tired and all. I enjoyed the movie, but felt like there were a few things that should have perhaps been made more obvious, that would have added to the storyline. Overall though, it was a good movie, and something I would recommend. Then we went to denny's with Lena and Randy. It was good times...pancake puppies and all.

I'm excited for 2009, but honestly, its kinda like a birthday. Its just another day, and marks the passage of time. It's a time to start over, to try again, and to hopefully live life with joy and celebration. If it doesn't happen, theres always 2010 but i wish to all of you a fantastic year, and hope that you are able to take every opportunity for improvement in your own life, as well as bettering the lives of others.