Sunday, October 30, 2005

studying, really.

once upon a time there was a girl who had to pass a test to keep her job, but instead of studying she decided to post on her blog. anything to avoid the endless stream of social work items she needed to review. After a study party where she played on IM with an old friend, and dinner with her new friends she found herself trapped in her room with only her study books and Grey's Anatomy. She never watched the show before, but this seemed like the best time to start. it was about a bunch of people in a train accident-which brought her back to her days at ONU (where she also studied social work for awhile) and the train accident in bourbonnais. It also brought back memories of 8th grade and the accident that ended her young friends life. Saddened by these memories she glanced over at her book and began to read about social work.

In other news, in 24 hours this will all be over and i will be at home!! Yay! i get to see mel's baby tomorrow (maybe i'll post pictures) and eat lunch with my grandma and most excitedly--i get to go to bed next to my husband. :) YAY! YAY!

of course, this past week has meant more tasty food-cheesecake factory, california pizza kitchen, and culvers are just a few of the yummy foods we ate this week. starting tuesday its all veggies and water detox for the entire week. nothing but healthy healthy foods and water until nashville. in 30 minutes allison and i are going to go on a caffiene fun run. then its time for serious studying. or maybe i should pack. whatever. i guess i should try and focus.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

stolen from lexa-my favorite shower buddy

I am at home. Relaxing. In one hour, Im leaving for a quiz event that apparently i am running. Good luck on that one. I am sad today. For many reasons. The main one being that an old friend is going through a rough time that i knew nothing about. I suck. But know that you are in my prayers..and if i can help, i will.

Other than that, its too bad I don't even really get to see my husband while i am home. Oh well, its only one more week. and nashville is only a month away. then its time for fantastic holidays :)

A-Zs of Me (this is the stolen item/time waster while i print questions)

A ~ Age you got your first kiss - real kiss--summer after 7th grade. Oh, dustin.

B ~ Band listening to right now -new david crowder-- samples from website.

C ~ Crush - Michael Rosenbaum

D ~ Dad's name - Mike

E ~ Easiest person to talk to - besides my cute husband--Jeremy

F ~ Favorite TV show - depends on the day--lately-CSI

G ~ Gummy worms or bears - bears-they're original.

H ~ Happiest memory - this is way too hard--my recent happiest memory-taking a picture of my quiz team with the travelling trophy.

I ~ Instrument - clarinet-in 5th grade only.

J ~ Jr. High Crush - Kyle Anderson.

K ~ kissing my husband when i've been gone for a week

L ~ Longest car ride ever - that trip to disney was pretty rough a few years back.

M ~ Mom's name - Phyllis

N ~ Nicknames - T (for taylor), One T, 77 T, burrito (inherent root of one T and 77 T), sam

O ~ One animal you like - kitties, animal i like but can never have-manatee

P ~ Phobias - too many to count.

Q ~ Quirks - the main one--i hate when my food touches

R ~ Reason to smile - daisies, quizzing, camp, friendships-old and new

S ~ Song you sang last - 2 cents trying to figure out the title.

T ~ Time you woke up today - 1:30 PM. i had a rough week.

U ~ Unknown fact about me - If I tell you, then it wouldn't be unknown, would it?

V ~ Vegetable you hate - not possible.

W ~ Worst habits - sleeping in, running late.

X ~ X-rays you've had - arm, and i had an ultrasound my senior year of high school because i had funny stomach problems. thats also when i had the upper GI and had the gross barium.

Y ~ Yummy food - cake.

Z ~ Zodiac sign - THE FISH.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


first of all, jeremy is my hero. he got me a working laptop so im not so cut off from the internet community this week and next while i am in naperville. that makes my stay so much more enjoyable. My room smells like scott and joel just got home from ruby's. So yeah. I leave the windows open. stupid extended stay america. but at least i have a fridge. thats happy. and im getting to be even better friends with my new co-workers, so thats a happy. the social workers *"front row style" rachel* in our class are driving me completely nuts. its pretty boring, and the class really isn't fond of our champaign crew, because we tend to be a little bit rowdy and we always super play the games and answer the questions (thinking at least this way it isnt so boring, and there is no point wasting time waiting for someone to answer questions just because everyone is afraid to talk). At first, i was a little upset because i dont like when people don't like me for no reason. but then i realized, thats dumb, because how can you dislike someone for making class fun? so tomorrow, when they try to eat our candy--we're not sharing. :) sound like daycare? ok. well we're child welfare workers so maybe its practice.

We've had some tasty food-Portillos, PF changs, popeyes, and this tasty pancake house place. Just down the road we have a 24 hour dunkin donuts/baskin robbins. so thats good too. the bad news is we're gonna all go home at the end of next week quite fat. *sigh* but its so good.

we also went to ikea, and a few other random places, and next week--chicago premium outlets! Yay for not having any money--but at least its fun to look.

The worst part about being here is its so far from scottie. i hate being all alone at the hotel. i mean, it would be like a vacation if i could have him here with me. i miss cuddling. next week i guess i will bring outmeal my bear with me to keep my company.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

like i have nothing better to do.

First-no one yell for not updating. No one else updates either these days (erika, lexa!) but i'm gonna be in aurora all week and who knows if i'll be able to use a computer. get used to it, because my being too busy to post will occur all the way up until the week after dec. 10 (when everyone else gets busy!).
Anyway, on with the lovely thing i was tagged wtih. Enjoy.

10 Years Ago I...

--was 17 years old
--was memorizing hebrews and the peters
--was dating wes
--was best friends with Katie

5 years ago i was...

--22 years old
--married to scottie
--working for classic cinemas
--leading an omega group with molly

1 year ago i...

--was working in indiana with crappy bud
--was attending the national youth workers convention
--was missing my family because we moved away
--visiting rachel and joel almost every other week

yesterday i...

--was at quizfest ALL day
--went out to eat with my quiz team
--hooked jeremy on quizzing (finally)
--told my husband happy sweetest day at 10:15 pm (when someone told me it was sweetest day)

5 snacks i enjoy are..

--cheese fries

5 songs i know all the words to...

--life is good --stellar kart
--water buffalo--veggie rocks version
--any childrens church songs
--with Jesus in the boat (omega version *wink wink*)
--Hotel California--Eagles

5 things i would do with 1 million $$...

--pay off all our debt...
--buy a house
--go to DISNEY
--get new cars
--give it to Quizzing (buy westside a van, then give it to quizzing)

5 places i would run away to...

--rachel and joels
--a quiz with my team
--parents house

5 things i would never wear..


5 favorite tv shows...

--veronica mars
--CSI-original vegas only
--arrested development

5 bad habits...

--eating candy
--watching tv
--being mean to husband
--thats it :)

5 biggest joys

--family gatherings
--hanging with my quiz team
--cuddling with husband
--Disney (you almost thought that wouldn't make it)

5 fictional characters i would date..

--lex luther (only from smallville)
--Ron Weasley
--Michael Flaherty
--James Matthew Barrie
--will turner

5 people i could tag...


Friday, October 14, 2005

ah, Friday.

This week has been busy. I love busy, but I love sleep too, and I'm missing it. Tonight, immediately after work, we head to quizfest. Saturday is another full day of quizzing. The kids are quizzing varsity instead of junior varsity, so they will finally quiz harder teams. thats really good, they need to see that our district sucks :) after quizfest, i need to pack for aurora, because there is no time on sunday.

Sunday is quiz practice and gram's birthday, and then the journey to aurora. All week in aurora--awesome because that means watchin tv every night and resting :) The girls want to go out, and i will probably go once, maybe twice, but all in all, i think i'm stayin in. Friday i get to come home (where i think we will have quizzing?) saturday nothing, and sunday back to aurora. such is my life until halloween. then a whole week of regular work (copying and eating probably) and NASHVILLE. Then thanksgiving, and hopefully by then, i'll be able to have my very own cases. *sigh*

I need to get ready for work. Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

I heart my kids forever.

Friday night-got paul, emma, brooke after work. went to store. made mini pizzas--practiced, played, talked, laughed.

Saturday-got up at 6, met megan, went to quiz. had person from sheldon join team-caitlin. 13 teams. Quizzed 4 rounds, lunch, 2 more rounds. Old timers quiz-good job to scott. finals.
We're a brand new team--brand new quizzers. 2nd district quiz ever. So yeah -they totally took FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep. thats right. FIRST. Paul was 2nd and Emma 4th individually. THey're in junior high. Yeah. serious tears of joy. we didn't get home until a little after 10.

Now im talking to megan. good times. after this, BED. I'm skipping church--and thats fine.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Roadtrips, kinda.

About my new job: theres like 4 maybe 5 new people. Ok. No big deal. Except none of us have any DCFS or LSSI training...this means that we are qualified to copy and hole punch. Which is what we did all morning--oh, and took a sexual harrassment policy quiz on the computer. Fun, sure. After lunch I got to go with Christy to the DCFS office and watch a case review. Then I got to ride with her to rankin. It's cool-at least she got mileage. The clients we went to visit were not there, so we have to go back thursday. All of this week and next week, unless we go with someone out into the field, we are hole-punching or copying. I'm happy that Christy and I are on the same team because that makes finding someone to shadow really easy and we get to go on roadtrips to random sucky towns like rankin, gibson city, danvers, etc.

The burnout rate for social work is like 5 years--the good news about this--3/4 of the caseworkers are about my age--yay for interaction with people that aren't jr highers or way grown (like the quiz folk). My supervisor seems pretty cool and so far, im likin it. It's a good thing I don't mind busy work though--because thats all we're gonna get until after training--and maybe even after that.

I'm gonna go watch some tv and relax since i haven't really gotten to do that since saturday. :)