Monday, January 21, 2008

A day off...for REAL.

Today i didn't have to go to work. I LOVE CIVIL RIGHTS! (i really do, but am also seriously greatful for the day off!!)

I met up with Erika for her first ikea experience at noon today. it was a good time hanging out and shopping and not being serious. we went to Buffalo wild wings, which also made me happy--until we had to wait an hour for our food-which made me a little HUNGRY. overall though, we got to eat, so at this point, its not worth complaining about.

im working on a new craft project. for those of you who know me, im really not the most crafty person in the world. but im excited all the same. thanks to the dollar days at michaels for helping me out :)

i haven't gone grocery shopping in about an hopefully i'll get to that tomorrow because I SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY need to get some food, because i think we're out of things to even throw together. Lets just hope that work isn't too crazy (i have two new cases) so that i can get off at a good time.

i hope everyone has a great week..and for anyone counting...i'll be at disney in 32 days.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


so, the United Front took 1st again today, in two very very very (i couldn't breath) tough finals rounds. Danielle had a perfect day-and Lena took 4th! Joe and Jenn were however the ones who helped us win those finals rounds with their extra efforts!! Then we went to coldstone...and then for pizza--with a little bit of WORSHIP (i think thats what they called it) in the van. The quizzing part is fun and amazing, but i have to say that rook and guitar hero are probably a close second. :)

I'm going to disney in 40 days. yeah. its ok to be jealous.. i'll think of you :)

im too tired to type much more..but theres a cool video of the worship on my facebook, if you want to know more about my weekend.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Theatre rant!

so, over christmas break the theatre is open ALL the time...which means that i work a LOT more than normal...the extra work by itself could be stressful, but this break has been especially exhausting. So here are my rants, and my movie-goer tips for all of you!! (if you happened to be at the meadowview today...i'm sorry in advance for what i am sure you will perceive as a really rude rant)

PLEASE eat before you come to the theatre. A family of 4 should NEVER order 2 large popcorns, 2 nachos with extra cheese, 4 large drinks and 4 kinds of candy. It's disgusting. REALLY.

PLEASE know what you want when you get to the counter. If there are any customers other than you, then you've been standing in line. It's not hard. its popcorn. its not subway.

PLEASE order sequentially. Do not use the word AND 10 times in your order : example : one small coke AND one small popcorn AND one nacho AND one bottle of water AND one small sprite AND one kid combo AND one medium popcorn. The proper way to order this crazy amount of food is :::: one kid combo, one small coke, one small sprite, one small popcorn, one medium popcorn, a bottle of water and a'll notice how all the popcorns were ordered at the same time, and not sporadically throughout the order.

PLEASE do not laugh and tell the concessionist when you come out for a refill that you spilled your popcorn. We'll find out when we clean the theatre, and its not like its something we're eagerly anticipating, so telling us only makes us grumpy.

PLEASE do not take more napkins than you actually need to wipe the butter off of your fingers. The most appropriate number is ONE. maybe two if you got nachos.

PLEASE do not cut in the line, or start ordering before the person in front of you has moved away from the counter. Its rude to your fellow patrons, and obviously, the concessionist isn't listening to you if they're still dealing with the previous customer.

PLEASE do not come out for a refill when the concession line is long, set your refill on the counter, look at the concessionist and say, I'll come back later for this. We are not a holding pen, and RUDE is that??

PLEASE don't let your kids order when there are more than 3 people in line behind you. It's nice that you want them to gain some independence, but when theres a line, and they don't know what they want...well....

PLEASE do not bring your entire family of 18 through the line, and then take up the entire counter so no one else can be served. Only bring as many people as the hands you need to carry stuff back (on average you can carry 3-4 items each-except children under 6--who can only carry boxes of candy).

PLEASE don't ask us how big a medium is---its MEDIUM. and its on top of our menu board, which you have been staring at for about 10 minutes-so i'm sure you've seen it.

Ok. I think thats about it. I'm glad christmas break is over, because i really can't take much more.

I promise, if you do these things, you won't have to wait in line 20 minutes for your popcorn, and you're probably gonna get better service. If you haven't seen Alvin and the chipmunks yet---i HIGHLY recommend it---but do your best to follow the above guidelines to make everyones experience more enjoyable.