Wednesday, June 27, 2007


so, i haven't had much time to post, because i've been at camp for the last week and a half or so...and will be returning this evening after an ec camp meeting.

I love camp. but here's the thing. I don't love my job. so that makes it hard. because maybe i need a ministry job that will let me go to camp without being crazy frustrated. which makes me more frustrated, because i have no idea what my ministry really is. I love teaching second grade sunday school, and i love to dance and sing at childrens church..and do pre-teen trips, and vbs, and all that good jazz...but i love jr high kids too...i had an amazing time at jr high camp and i'm expecting to have a similar experience at sr high camp.

Now, you might think that maybe its just camp, but its not. i loved working with the jr highers in danville, and i adore our sr high youth group at church. So im stuck. i guess its not a bad stuck, because trying to figure out your ministry because you like them all is better than being stuck in a ministry you hate. i guess i'm just confused as to what God wants from me. Today though, when i got back to work, i had to really struggle to do anything. and i just wanted to walk out, or kick something, and even on days when i love my job--the truth is i still hate my job.

so, if anyone knows what kind of ministry i should be doing, let me know.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

NYI Convention

to quote my husband: quizzer are taking over the world. This is because all of our youth district delegates (both jr and sr high) are all quizzers..except one. and we're working on her. So that's kinda cool.

nyi convention was a good time. a little stressful, since neither steve nor i had run the thing..but he did most the work--well, the steve-lings really did (shout out's to robbie and derek for all that work). We did some set up on friday, ate some brickstone, did a little clean up...slept for awhile. then convention. it was good that brian wilson is a go with the flow kinda guy..cuz he kinda ran the business portion of our day--since we were new. we'll see how long i'll be that lucky. i got recruited to sleep at jr high camp (they're a little short on ladies, and i happen to be one--one that enjoys sleeping in fact!) and to run registration maybe. I'm also helping with the NYC registration for our district...on my lunch break one day. i'm pretty much a registration thats all good.

i've been hangin out with some of our senior high girls, and they're suprisingly cool and not scary.

scott and i decided that we were going to chicago after convention to unwind and hang out together. we saw a play--SHEAR MADNESS. all i can say is WOW--its pretty hysterical. like really--and its thats way cool too. it was nice to have some date time.

now we're home. and im going to bed.

Friday, June 01, 2007

funny funny


guess what. after two weeks of shrek madness, we got the movie knocked up. It sold out tonight. and now that shreks only on 2 screens, hes as busy as ever. oh summer, when will you be over?

in other news, my real life job is pretty stressful these days.

my husband, not so stressful. i love him. even if i didn't get any ice cream.