Sunday, July 12, 2009

picnic day.

well, ruby woke up around 600, and ate, and is now laying in bed with scott. im not sure if shes awake or asleep. i came down to shower, because she was playing quietly and haven't ventured back up the stairs.

lately, i've been so overwhelmed. it seems like we still haven't completed our move upstairs, even though it happened at the end of may. before this, it seemed like things were going along pretty well, but now, the house is always a disaster, and it seems like its not getting better. things go missing, clutter builds up, and i work too much to do anything about it...because when i come home, i rest, or play on the computer. scott and i need like 2 days where we do nothing but re-arrange and finish moving stuff around or whatever. the problem is (a) we don't have the money to finish right now, and (b) the time is also lacking.

scott broke our lap top, ya know, the one covered in tape anyway. we were contemplating a new one, so last night we went out and got one at best buy. i was more than a little ticked, since this computer also would not connect to our external hard drive, so yeah. that stuff is gone.

but--its picnic day at church, so we'll go hear impact sing, and then we'll enjoy some good food and good friends, and celebrate God's awesome love for us through relationship. then...its back to work on the house. ARG.