Wednesday, November 29, 2006

quiz practice.

i'm supposed to be at practice right now--scott is there, and the kids are getting ready for st. its kind of an important practice. but today at work, things were kinda stressful. im used to moving fast--thats what i learned casework was all about...but everyone at work is a little older, and used to moving much slower..which is amazing since they used to have 3 times the caseloads we have now. how did they do it? who knows. but its frustrating when there are lots of things going on, and everything moves slowly. sometimes maybe life moves too fast. there are so many things i could post about--but my husband brought me home donuts last night-and thats enough.

i listened to part of a david crowder interview today as part of the 20 days of world changers thingy...and he's just really cool. i love that the band still makes every effort to get home for sunday services at their home church-because its a priority. i feel like so many people aren't committed to their priorities anymore--and they get shoved aside when things get busy. like friendship. or writing a book. or taking time to retreat, or time for family. for example--i need to go to practice..because its a priority--beyond a committment. i love those students. they're funny, and amazing, and well...they brighten my week. but i just didnt want to go into practice with the frustration of my day. so now, im going to go. and hopefully they'll play some crowder on my way across town!

Sunday, November 19, 2006


well, im here at the national youth workers convention. its funny how some of the greatest friends i have i only see once a year. its so good to be among friends, and enjoying time with God. It's like camp--and going home depresses me. Glenn said he can't contract karen and me at the price we i guess home is where we have to go-but not until tuesday. this week is so long..and so tiring, and in all of that, its energizing. its so cool to be a part of all of this. i love it.

we're in the general session right now, listening to the skit guys. jars of clay just got done playing, and soon it will be starfield. right now, im glad the store is in the general session. tonite, during the toby mac concert, i wont be so happy-but thats alright. i probably should go do the returns while the store is more empty. hope all is well with everyone!