Monday, October 30, 2006

thanks for all the get well wishes.

just kidding. i totally wasn't sick or anything. just wishing i was like ferris bueller. man, that guy had some fun. i suppose that there's a lot to enter, and actually owe it to you, my viewers to update more frequently or to add things of substance when i do get around to the occasional update. so lets see...

we're moved into the parents house, with walls and everything, and that seems to be going alright. im glad for my parents allowing us to be here for a few months. although they did tell me about a house for sale in chebanse, so perhaps they're ready to be rid of us already (probably more rid of the constant ins and outs at random times of the day).

I finally got a Catholic Charities in kankakee. I actually got the call the day I posted last and was getting ready to mail in some stuff to LSSI, and was told by the guy at catholic that he wanted to interview me right away, in hopes of not having to interview anyone else if i was interested. so i just finally started late last week--after getting through the paperwork and whatnot. im going to be doing a program called FAMILY FIRST which works with families in crisis so that their children aren't placed in foster care. im only doing it until january (probably) at which time i will return to regular foster care. which is fine too. the environment is really really different that LSSI, but so far, i like it.

I made valeries dessert chips, and mom and i stayed up chatting until 1 am on friday night/saturday that was good times

im going to michigan this weekend with the K3 Hammers and it'll be the first time we get to wear our shirts...probably. so thats FUN.

I think thats the big news. Scott still needs lots of prayers to get a day job. that would make life fantastic.

and now, just for paul: *moviegoer tip of the day* When you walk into a theatre on a saturday night, and notice no other customers in the lobby, PLEASE do not make a funny joke about attendance. The employees are already worried that if business doesn't pick up, they won't have jobs, and your comments only hurt their feelings. Smile, order politely, go sit down. That works every time, and no one gets hurt.


Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

so, i'm paying my bills...

So, I'm paying my bills and i totally freak out because I have two or three bills left and ZERO dollars. So we call the bank, and figure its time to get that money we left behind in rantoul...and it's WAY WAY more than I thought it was, so Praise Jesus...we have plenty of money to pay our bills and get some medium drinks at mcdonalds (its monopoly season people!)

In other news, Scott's workin full time at Rubys, and i'm workin at meadowview. It's temporary until we can find day jobs, but while its nice being on the same schedule, it isn't nice to have to take off days without pay...but we'll get by...i interviews at LSSI in Joliet today to work at their senior residence center as an activity coordinator--and it sounds like a cool job, so i hope i get it...but i am worried that i won't EVER see scott if i work 8-5 and he works 5-1. See the problem?? yeah. We're working on it. It's all gonna be alright.

In still other news, sometimes following Jesus is stupid. It's ok to say that because Jesus understands. Sometimes you have to do crazy things you wouldn't ever dream of doing-- just for Jesus. Yeah, its frustrating at times, but it's worth it--everyday.

The Youthworker convention is in ONE month. That's exciting. I hope zondervan didn't do anything crazy.

the second regular quiz of the season is this excited. not as excited as last time, but way more prepared :) i even have 4 or 5 quizzers thats cool too.

scott took back harvest moon. i had been playing it faithfully (like any good farm girl) and thats one of the reasons for the delay in posting. The other would be the dial-up and the crazy schedules.