Friday, July 28, 2006

i know, i promised pictures.

Random kids camp pictures = i love camp!!

a good time was had by all.

I really love summer. Here's the pictures that i promised PAUL. They aren't fantastic, but they are my life. let me tell you about how cool God is. Very cool. God's doing some scary cool strange and amazing things with us right now--and it's sad, because i can't talk about it just yet--but please be in prayer that we do what God wants and that everything works out for Jesus.

everyone from chicago central that went to oklahoma..or almost everyone. scott took the picture--and its possible a few parents are

and then of course, when our C team quizzed our D team..

we also played lots of cards, did a service project and celebrated david's birthday-but im not in the mood for that many pictures. I hope you liked em. Remember to keep Gina in your prayers, Tim's dad (who had surgery) in your prayers, and well-us too--as God decides what He wants us to do-things you wouldn't believe if you knew us-and we aren't sure yet that we believe. Oh, and we're going to Cincinnati in November for the youthworker convention.

--Broe Davis, sr. high camp July 1997.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

prayer equest.

ok. so theres a million things going on in your life, my life, etc. But this is very very important.

Gina had a stroke last night. She's in the hospital. She can walk and talk, but her left side feels numb. They're keeping her at the hospital until monday. you can click on her to the right--and leave her encouragement. She's had a ton of health problems over the past year and could really use some support. For those of you who don't know Gina, she was rachels roommate for awhile, and attended Olivet. a year and a half ago, her and her husband had a house fire and lost everything. She's only 26, so please if you've got a minute, just pray for her.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

waiting for scottie.

Well, I'm home from GBQ, rachel is showering, and Naomi is still asleep. Scott won't be home until later tonight-he had to stay and help with tear-down.

The week was amazing. I was super frustrated on more than one occasion, but im realizing thats part of being a leader. You just can't make everyone happy. I did feel bad though for Naomi, Rachel and Darren, because on the way home my responsibilities as director had to come first.

I love the teens from our district. I have lots of great stories, but they all won't fit here-and i don't want to select which ones to tell-so someday soon i'll have a picture update.